Here’s Why BTS J-Hope’s “Dynamite” Dance Break At The 2020 MMAs Was So Satisfying, According To A Dancer

J-Hope seems to be impressing a lot of professional dancers lately…

An anonymous dancer from theqoo has been watching BTS‘s stages for years. They describe J-Hope‘s dancing as “light stone”. This means that he is light, as if able to fly, but hard in his step like a stone.

J-Hope’s biggest advantage is that his basics are so good and his line is pretty. [His] biggest strength is that he can create ‘swag’ through the combination of his talent and ability to express the beat of the song with his body. 

They go on to describe 5 incredible aspects of J-Hope’s MMA performance, giving us an insight into what his moves look like to professional dancers.

1. The Separation of Choreography

By separating the movements every 1 second, the clarity of what the movements express are revealed.

| theqoo

J-Hope’s movements are very clear, almost as if he dances frame-by-frame in real life. Each move is very deliberate.

He has the correct “body separation”, which means that his top half and lower half are able to move independently but smoothly. When he pulls out his behind and tightens his legs, he creates an effect that is cool to look at.

2. Line

He keeps straight and diagonal lines all over the body.”

| theqoo

Angles and lines are everything in dance, as this is what makes it look aesthetically pleasing. When reaching out, he extends a leg to create balance.

3. The Extensibility of the Body

[He has] the ability to use a wider range of mobility.

| theqoo

J-Hope’s range of movement is very admirable. He takes wide strides but counters that by constricting his body. In this dance, he opens his chest and arms wide, but then contracts his legs and arms (and repeats). This gives interest to the eye as an object (J-Hope) is changing size rapidly.

The dancer was also impressed by the height of his kick.

4. To Express Rhythm With the Strength of the Body

[J-Hope has an] ability to make the choreography look fun, clean-cut, and to give it a unique ‘flavor’.

| theqoo

J-Hope’s genuine interest and strong body really helps him express the rhythm of the song while making it fun and interesting for others to view.

5. Facial Expressions and Gestures

Well done.”

| theqoo

The dancer did not have much to say in this category besides “well done”. J-Hope’s sunshine personality and excited gestures add just the energy the song needs.

Source: theqoo and @bangtan