BTS Reveals Just How Much J-Hope Takes Care Of His Skin

There’s a reason why his skin is so flawless!

BTS‘s J-Hope has flawless skin, and his fellow members know just how much effort he puts to get it flawless!

BTS’s J-Hope

In an interview, BTS was asked to pick the member with the “highest sense of beauty,” and J-Hope got the most votes.

| AhKiErA PeArL/YouTube

The members then shared that J-Hope uses face masks constantly.

| AhKiErA PeArL/YouTube

When asked if there’s anything particular he takes care of, J-Hope said that he takes care of his skin since he has sensitive skin and because they’re constantly applying makeup.

| AhKiErA PeArL/YouTube

Suga then shared that J-Hope always carries face masks with him whenever they’re on tour!

| AhKiErA PeArL/YouTube
Source: YouTube