BTS’s Jimin Confuses And Amuses Fans With An Optical Illusion At MAMA

He made fans hungry for more at 2021 MAMA.

The 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) had many memorable moments, and a few funny ones too.

That night, BTS took home awards for “Best Dance Performance: Male Group”, “Album of the Year” (Daesang), “Worldwide Fans’ Choice Award Top 10”, “Best Music Video”, “Worldwide Icon Of The Year” (Daesang), “Best Male Group”, “Song Of The Year” (Daesang), and “Artist Of The Year” (Daesang). Suga also won “Best Collaboration” with IU for their collaboration, “eight”.

In other words, they barely had time to sit down and snack.

Meanwhile, many fans stayed up way past their bedtimes to watch the show.

This led to some ARMYs mistaking Jimin‘s golden microphone for a…chicken drumstick. Mmm, tasty!

Although the mic is not, in fact, edible, the mix up was completely understandable. Hunger, sleepiness, and love for BTS can make the mind do strange things.

In conclusion, nobody clowns ARMYs better than they clown themselves!

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