BTS’s Jimin Accidentally Scared The Pants Off Both J-Hope And Jin — And Revealed Their True Personalities

Yes, Jimin, it really is quite easy to scare the pants off both your hyungs.

BTS‘s has different “lines” dedicated to its members, depending on their similar characteristics.

For example, they have a hyung line and a maknae line, since ARMYs usually love to refer to the members based on their ages.

And even though BTS members are highly skilled and whole-rounded in talents, ARMYs also like talking about BTS’s rapper line…

…dancing line…


…and vocalist line, depending on the specialties of each member.

Aside from all of these, did you know that BTS also has a “scaredy-cat line”? It’s quite different from among the other lines which have three members, as the “scaredy-cat” line is composed of two members alone.

Could it be introverted Suga, who doesn’t really like going out, so he’s easily overwhelmed?

Or perhaps it’s Jungkook who’s the most easily scared, since he’s the group’s youngest member, after all?

Wrong. The two members of the highly famous “scared-cat” line are Jin, BTS’s oldest member, and J-Hope, the group’s most extroverted member.

Sometimes, you really can’t blame them for being scared or for flinching easily.

You’d do the same, too, if you were hit by a pie in the face, right?

Most of the time, though, you just can’t help but laugh when you see them get scared by something so trivial — just like when Jimin casually pointed to the beds…

…and the both of them instantly flinched and started to run for their dear lives!

J-Hope even ran into Jimin accidentally, because he was concerned about running and getting away from the scene of the “crime”.

Jin, on the other hand, took a second to ask Jimin what’s the cause of his pointing.

Laughing, Jimin responded that he only thought the beds were pretty — that’s why he pointed. Hearing this, J-Hope sighed a breath of relief and went back to doing what he was doing before.

The funniest thing about this whole ordeal? Their maknae Jungkook was chill, calm and collected while his hyungs panicked. Maybe because Jimin didn’t necessarily tease him, unlike his friend who did? Find out what really happened in the next article below!

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