BTS Jimin’s Aegyo Package From “Run BTS” Is Just What You Needed This Week

Jimin was definitely born a king of aegyo.

The latest episodes of Run BTS!, of the members playing the 007 card-collecting game, featured the cutest moments of BTS‘s Jimin. Throughout the show, Jimin was captured on camera using his innate “aegyo” to get his way; and although it didn’t work on the game moderators, it definitely enchanted all his fans!


When the game began, Jimin didn’t have so much luck in finding the cards scattered around the mall. He tried his best, running around the two floors and scanning everywhere like an eagle – but when he couldn’t find any, he gave out this little sigh that straight-up shattered ARMYs’ hearts on the floor.


Once he found some cards, he went up against the game moderators to exchange them into heart cards. Jimin didn’t have the best of luck at these mini-games either. When he made a small mistake that cost him a hard-earned card, Jimin naturally opted to try out his “aegyo” skill…


… and even asked the moderator to ‘let him off easy one time’…

Can’t you just let me have this one, please?

— Jimin


… which didn’t work on the moderator. This upset Jimin and he stormed out of the zone with the cutest “angry bird Jimin” look on his face!


Jin, being a good hyung, tried to help Jimin out by offering him a card. That very card, however, ended up making Jimin lose two heart cards – and turned Jimin into the cutest gorilla on Earth!


Here’s Jimin following J-Hope around like a puppy, asking him to spare a card:

Jimin: I lost all my cards.
J-Hope: That’s too bad.
Jimin: Would you help me out by sharing one with me?
J-Hope: Nope.
Jimin: C’mon! Don’t you feel bad for your dongsaeng?
J-Hope: Nope.


ARMYs suffered massive “aegyo” attacks when Jimin found one more card last minute, took it to exchange for a heart card, lost the game, and crashed in complete frustration! Look at baby Jimin dropping dead on the floor – and how that made a million ARMYs drop all their UWUs.


In the end though, Jimin was able to maneuver way his up to the top. When the producers had the members guess the winner, Jimin proudly said his name – while covering up his face with his arms, in case the other members could see.


He had more heart cards then half the team and was ranked second out of all! Here’s Jimin’s most adorable little smirk when the truth was revealed to the rest of the members:


Need more? Watch the full clip below: