BTS Jimin’s Alluring Charms During The GRAMMY Performance Have Fans Falling For Him All Over Again

It’s the Park Jimin effect.

Grammy-nominated BTS, who recently held a solo performance at the 63rd GRAMMY Awards, did not cease to impress fans with their spectacular performance of “Dynamite”.

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While there were many moments throughout the stage that were mind-blowing, fans couldn’t help but talk about Jimin’s alluring charm and visuals.

Netizens posted about three main points that they felt were the highlight of Jimin’s part throughout the performance.

The Stairs

Towards the end of the song, the members began to make their way up to the rooftop.

Jimin’s vocals on the stairwell were just the first step towards the main highlight.

The Rooftop

As he makes his way over to the rooftop stage, Jimin’s visuals stopped fans in their tracks once again.

The wind came at the perfect time as it blew his bangs in a soft yet subtle way.


And last but certainly not least, Jimin center at the ending of the song with the fireworks in the background was the icing on the cake for this performance!

Fans who saw the performance couldn’t help but fall for him all over again.

  • “I fell for Jimin again after watching this performance. I love you Jimin.”
  • “Jimin, you are truly amazing.”
  • “Park Jimin you are the best! You really know how to put on a show!”
  • “He looks like he was born to be an idol.”
Source: theqoo


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