BTS’s Jimin Sweetly Apologizes To Their Hairstylists After V Playfully Calls Him Out

“While staff was touching Jimin’s hair…”

For BTS‘s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL concerts, Jimin tore up the stage with his vocals, dancing, and visuals. There was a funny mishap behind the scenes, though.


When discussing moments from the concert, V couldn’t resist joking about how Jimin made their hairstylists work just a bit harder.

V and Jimin.

Remembering how the members fix their appearances between stages, V imitated Jimin. Pretending to run his hands through his hair, V showed how Jimin would subconsciously undo their hairstylists’ work.

Jimin didn’t run his hands through his hair only once. V did it twice while saying, “He was doing like this continuously.

Realizing how much work that might’ve caused their hairstylists, Jimin simply apologized, “I am sorry.” The response made everyone burst into laughter. In fact, Jimin, V, and J-Hope laughed so hard they fell back.

Even RM joked that no one was safe from having their funny moments exposed. At least they could all laugh at it, along with Jimin giving an adorable apology to their staff.

Source: Naver Live