BTS Jimin’s Ash Grey Visual At The Final Seoul Concert Tops His Previous Styles

Caution: Remember to keep breathing regularly.

Wrapping up their most successful world tour 2018-2019, BTS have returned to Seoul Olympic Stadium where the entire journey began.

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During their SPEAK YOURSELF [The Final] Seoul Concert, Jimin showed off his unparalleled good looks — simply surreal in his ash grey hair.

Jimin 1

Throughout the concert, Jimin wowed ARMYs with his different outfits that go with each performance.

Jimin 6


No matter what he was wearing, Jimin made the fans swoon big time…

Jimin 5

… but most of all, ARMYs couldn’t keep their eyes off his dashing grey hair that served as the cherry on top!

Jimin 7


From irresistibly sexy (even while sitting on a bouncy balloon)…

Jimin 4

… to uncontrollably cute…

Jimin 8

… Jimin knows exactly what he’s doing with his choice of hair color.

Jimin 2


ARMYs can’t believe “ash grey” isn’t Jimin’s natural hair color…

Jimin 0

… because he really owns that whole look — that grey-haired fairy look.

Jimin 3


. . .