BTS’s Jimin Once Bought Some Drinks For The Members…And It Led To A Hilarious Moment

Jimin still hasn’t gotten over this.

BTS‘s Jimin is known for his incredibly kind personality, as he’s been shown taking care of the members many times.

One time, Jimin’s kind act led to a hilarious situation.

BTS recently did a Q&A with Pitchfork, and when they were talking about their album DARK & WILD, J-Hope shared that were a lot of hilarious stories from that era. One time, Jimin decided to buy drinks for all of the members.

However, Jimin ended up buying cucumber flavored drinks, and the members were confused about why he bought such a strange flavor.

Jimin then shared that he still hasn’t gotten over this incident. When Jimin bought the drinks, he didn’t plan on buying cucumber flavored ones. However, he ended up accidentally buying them. Jimin also admitted that even he found the drinks to be disgusting.


Another unfortunate thing was that there were a lot of flavors that Jimin could have chosen, but he just happened to accidentally pick cucumber.


While most of the members thought the drinks tasted bad, Jungkook thought it was good.


Here’s the full video below!