Jimin Warmed This Chinese Fan’s Heart At BTS’s Handshake Event

He made her feel loved and welcome.

One of the greatest gifts Jimin gives is his kindness. It transcends language and nationality, creating special moments that ARMYs will never forget.


One of these moments happened on Day 2 of BTS‘s handshake event in Japan. On July 16 and 17, adoring ARMYs flooded this venue to meet BTS up close and personal.


Most of the fans who attended were Japanese, but one Chinese ARMY is sharing her experience online. She was very nervous to meet Jimin, but he went out of his way to make her feel welcome.


“I was so, so nervous, still dazed when I went in,” she wrote. “The staff let me enter after making sure there are no accessories on my hands.”


“When I lifted my head, I was looking at Jimin eye to eye already. [Jimin] immediately smiled with his squinted eyes, held me with both his hands and gently called my name.”


Jimin’s outer beauty blew this fan away nearly as much as his inner beauty did.

His face is so small and skin is so nice, no pores at all. So fair, so slim, so gentle. He feels tall, taller than my imagination (or maybe because my hands are too small). His hands are so soft and warm, I was on the brink of tears when his hands wrapped around mine, his eyes are so gentle and affectionate.



When she told Jimin to take care of himself, he cutely said “okay” in Korean, then surprised her by adding “thank you” in her native language.

…I quickly said, “Eat well and don’t get sick” in Korean, then [Jimin] gently modded his head and cutely said, “okay”… [He] even said thank you at the end using Chinese.



“The time was really short, probably just three seconds,” she wrote. “but I’m so happy. Our Jimin is the most gentle one in the world.”


Once again, Jimin has earned a special place in ARMYs’ hearts!