BTS Jimin’s Former Classmates Shared Their Memories About Him

They revealed what they remember about him from their school days.

Today, the world knows Jimin as a talented superstar with millions of fans. But what was Park Jimin like before BTS?


Several of Jimin’s former Busan High School of Art classmates answered this question in an interview with KOREA NOW. At the time of the interview, these four alumni were gaining experience as student teachers at the school.


The women on the right (closest to the camera) and left (farthest from the camera) were a grade above Jimin. The woman on the right (farthest from the camera) was in the same year as Jimin, and the fourth woman was Jimin’s junior by two years.


According to these schoolmates, Jimin stood out from other dance students.


Jimin also wasn’t shy about showing a little skin. Yep, that’s right; he’s always had abs!


During the school entrance ceremony, news of the top dance student caused a stir.


That top student, of course, was none other than Jimin!


Jimin’s talent was no secret among his classmates, but news of his success still took these graduates by surprise.


Jimin’s accomplishments have been a source of pride for both former and current students at Busan High School of Art.


Now, Jimin’s classmates can’t help wishing they’d gotten to know him better!


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