BTS Jimin Is Crazy Jealous Over V’s Love For the “Hwarang” Members

BTS’ Jimin and V have always been very close, but since V became friends with the cast of Hwarang, a little jealousy has stirred up within Jimin.

V has developed a close friendship with the cast of Hwarang, the drama he made his debut it. He talks a lot about how he’d like to go on trips with the cast, which made Jimin a little jealous.

The BTS members usually joke around about his friendship with the Hwarang cast and how they get jealous, but the way they act jealous always looks adorable. Especially the jealousy that comes from Jimin.

Look at this video from the Show Champion backstage, where you can get a glimpse at the adorable Jimin and Jin acting petty: