BTS Jimin’s “Crying” In Last “Run BTS!” Episode Has ARMYs Panicking And Ready To Throw Hands

It’s not what you may think!

BTS‘s Jimin recently gave fans a heart attack!

The latest Run BTS! episode showed the members in a mini sports fest where they played creative versions of everyday sports. From mini volleyball to slippery soccer, they went head-to-head with each other while maintaining a spirit of competitiveness.

One of the highlights of the episode was when Jimin began crying after teammate J-Hope blocked the opposing team’s goal, putting them in a prime position to win the entire game.

Tears seemed to stream down Jimin’s face as he told his hyung:”Goalie…you have skills as a goalie.” Since the fate of the team rested on the former as the next striker, it was easy to believe that he was crying due to stress.

J-Hope and Suga pulled him into a comforting hug as he pretended to be more emotional than he actually was.

Luckily, he was not actually upset and his expression changed to one of determination the next second!

Fans took to Twitter to express their initial reactions at the scene, most of them saying they were worried at the sight of their bias looking upset. They did not expect Jimin to burst into tears and said they “panicked” as a result.

They were ready to throw hands at the thought of anyone upsetting Jimin.

Others, meanwhile, praised his acting skills and how convincing he was.

Now they’re looking forward to him pursuing an acting career in the future even more!