BTS’s Jimin Has The Cutest Habit When He Loses Focus On His Task

The most adorable man in the world!

From years of watching BTS‘s Jimin, ARMYs have noticed he has some of the most unique (and downright adorable!) habits. From constantly brushing his hair back…

…to licking his lips, his quirks make him extra loveable.

However, fans have caught on to another habit and it might be the cutest one yet!

When the time comes to focus, Jimin can’t help but center himself.

He uses his hand to “pull himself together” and regain focus!

Whenever Jimin needs to regain his concentration, you can expect him to do this little trick — and it seems to work well for him!

Next time you need to quickly regain your focus, try Jimin’s adorable habit and see how well it works for yourself.

If it works for him, it must be good!


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