BTS Jimin’s Dad Owns A Cafe In Busan That You’ll Definitely Want To Visit

MAGNATE is a must-visit for any ARMY travelling to Jimin’s hometown.

If you’re planning a future BTS-themed vacation, here’s one more stop to add to your list: MAGNATE.

MAGNATE, a cafe in Jimin‘s hometown of Busan, is owned and operated by his father, Mr. Park. Although the cafe opened its doors in 2019, many fans may still not know about it.

When you walk through MAGNATE’s doors, be prepared to be blown away by the elegance of its interior design. This magnificently regal chandelier is balanced by modest, minimalist furniture…

…attractive Pop Art…

…and industrial details.

Although this cafe exudes wealth and taste, its menu is reasonably priced for the average visitor.

MAGNATE offers a variety of mouth-watering pastries…

…and creamy desserts that will keep you coming back for more.

A casual visitor probably wouldn’t realize that this cafe has a direct connection to Jimin, but if you look closely at the decor…

…you’ll spot Jimin’s hat on display.

Right now, everyone’s travel plans are on hold because of COVID-19, but once the pandemic is over, you’ll want to see MAGNATE in person!

Mr. Park isn’t the only BTS family member who runs a cafe. Read all about the one Suga‘s brother owns here:

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