BTS’s Jimin Didn’t Really Have A Reason For Getting His Driver’s License Other Than To Just Have One

Cars just aren’t his thing.

BTS’s Jimin has expressed many times that he doesn’t really care for or have an interest in cars. He was so uninterested in it that he only obtained his license just for the sake of having one! Let’s look at various situations in which Jimin talked about cars.

Jungkook happened to see a car pass by and stated, “I really want to drive that kind of car in Korea. What is the model of that car?”

To that question, Jimin answered, “Don’t ask me about cars. I don’t know anything because I have no interest in cars.”

While playing a game with the members, he had to use certain words in a sentence.

“Jimin went to the dentist because his teeth hurt and came down only to see a lot of cars parked.”

To Jimin’s answer, Suga commented, “Is this car under your name? You don’t have one.”

Shocked with disbelief, Jimin responded, “What does that have to do with anything?”

Back in 2019, Jimin finally obtained his drivers license.

“I am now someone who has their license.”

He admitted that he only got his license because that was the goal. “I don’t have any other reason for getting my license except for getting it because that was my goal.”

He revealed that he only got it because so many people bothered him about it. Even his mom joked around saying that she even had one.

Even during a mission, the staff gave the hint was “Mom, dad, child we are a family.”

While most would assume that the answer would be a SUV…

…Jimin struggled to figure out what was type of car was popular for a family car.

He ends up choosing a cargo truck because he felt that it would fit a lot of people. “If it’s this car it would be big enough to fit mom, dad, child…even grandma and grandpa.”

Well, it seems like Jimin’s car saga continues even though he received his drivers license!

Source: nate pann