What Does BTS’s Jimin Do When He Sees Someone Doing His Viral TikTok Dance In Front Of Him?

It takes guts to do that in front of Jimin…

Recently, a TikTok video of people dancing to the choreography of BTS Jimin’s song “Set Me Free Pt. 2” in random places went viral.

The video shows a montage of people doing the head-banging dance while kneeling on the ground. Whereas many dancers do this part of the choreography as Jimin sings in the middle, the people in the video dance to this part alone and in public.


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♬ Set Me Free Pt.2 – Jimin

This video caught Jimin’s attention, and he addressed it in a live broadcast, stating that he was taken aback when he saw it. He also complimented the ARMYs for being creative.

Although ARMYs saw Jimin’s reaction to the viral dance video via live stream, they also got to see his response when somebody did the dance right in front of him.

On March 31, Jimin appeared as a guest on SBS Radio’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time, discussing his new album FACE. He was given a scenario where he was the teacher and needed to teach his student, MC JaePhil, how to dance to “Like Crazy.” Jimin gave step-by-step instructions on a brief part of the choreography, and MC JaePhil did his best to follow along.

They then did the choreography to music.

MC JaePhil got a little too excited and said, “Teacher, I’m just going to do this.” He then got down on the ground and started doing the part of the “Set Me Free Pt. 2” choreography that went viral.

The whole studio cheered him on and laughed. Jimin looked at him, laughing and a bit shocked—but he did not hesitate to quickly join MC JaePhil in the arm-raising dance move.

The segment then ended, and Choi Hwa Jung asked Jimin, “Is he a good student?” to which Jimin joked,

I think he’s a student who doesn’t listen to the teacher.

ARMYs loved this moment and posted it on social media. Watch the full moment here.



Source: SBS Radio


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