ARMY Brought Up Jimin’s Embarrassing Past…His Reaction’s Relatable AF

He can’t live down this “hip-hop style”.

Everybody has an era in their fashion history that they regret, but ARMY won’t let Jimin live his down!


In 2013, BTS debuted with a hip-hop style that matched their rebel student concept. Over the years, 3 dollar chains and knock-off brands made way for Christian Dior suits and Chanel accessories.


Now, in 2019, Jimin’s fashion sense is sophisticated and chic. His latest Vlive, however, brought back memories of his hip-hop days.


At one point, Jimin turned his cap to the side to stop the brim from shadowing his face. This side-cap may have sparked flashbacks from “No More Dream” and “Bulletproof Pt. 2”.


Later in the live, ARMY brought up Jimin’s old school fashion and he started laughing.


He shyly asked fans to let go of that memory…


…because he’s embarrassed by his past.


Unfortunately for Jimin, the internet is forever and so is this!