BTS’s Jimin And EXO’s Xiumin Spotted At Wanna One’s Last Concert

The two idols came to show some love and support for the members.

Although Wanna One‘s Day 1 of their “Therefore” concert was a beautiful moment for everyone, it was also a moment marked by sadness as it signaled the beginning of the end for the legendary group.


And very sadly, the group just had their final concert together on January 27.  While the very last day of the concert was certainly filled with a lot of different emotions…


And plenty of heartbreak…


The Wanna One members and Wannables weren’t the only ones feeling the effects of their last concert. A few more familiar faces were spotted in the crowd of fans sending lots of love and support to the group.


Many fans instantly recognized BTS‘s Jimin in the crowd of fans giving support to his good friends in the group. Fans who attended the event reported that the emotions of the night also ran high for Jimin, who was spotted in tears at one point.


Jimin wasn’t the only one that came out to show some support to the group, EXO‘s Xiumin did too! Becoming close with Kang Daniel through It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets, Xiumin made sure to show some love to Daniel and the whole group.


And although the final concert with the members was certainly bittersweet, Wannables hearts have been warmed to see these two idols coming out to support their friends.