Jimin Leaked BTS’s Hotel Location, And Now Fans Are Facepalming

He just can’t keep a secret.

When on tour, BTS tries to keep their hotel locations secret, but sometimes these attempts are sabotaged…by their own members.


On October 13, Jimin filmed a live broadcast in his hotel room to celebrate his birthday with ARMY. The live was filmed during BTS’s trip to the Netherlands for their Love Yourself Amsterdam concert.


At the live’s 10-minute mark, Jimin shifted his camera…


…not realizing that the hotel’s menu was standing up on the headboard behind him. The menu revealed the name of BTS’s hotel, The Grand.


Jimin continued to chat with ARMYs for 20 more minutes before he saw a comment from a fan that pointed out the menu.


As soon as Jimin realized why the fan had pointed it out, he hid the menu to hide his cute mistake!


Many fans found the leak hilarious, and had fun imagining how the rest of BTS (and their staff) would react to it.


Jimin isn’t the only member who has exposed BTS’s hotels though. Just a week earlier, V made the same error!


On October 5, V accidentally revealed the name of BTS’s New York hotel when he drew this sketch of Tata. “The Ritz” can clearly be seen at the top of the page.


It seems that BTS’s 95 liners just can’t keep a secret!


Even though these slip-ups are amusing, fans have reminded the fandom to keep a respectful distance…


…and keep loving these dorks from afar!