BTS’s Jimin Expresses Why He Wants The Group To Become “Even Better”

He is looking forward to growing and maturing with ARMYs.

In a recent interview with Weverse, BTS’s Jimin sat down to talk about the difficulties preparing for English tracks, his preference when it comes to dancing, and how he overcame being stuck in a rut. During the interview, they refer back to the ARMY Corner Store video where he says he wants BTS to “become even better.” 

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I think ARMY can see all this, too. If we put a certain emotion into our performance, and I exhibit a genuine reflection of myself, then they can sense that to some degree, if not totally, I think. It’s a fact that I hope our concerts will be as big as the ones we’ve done before, but even more than that, when someone becomes more mature and grows up, I think our performances and songs would grow up along with us to match, and how we’re reflecting in them could change as well.

⁠— Jimin

He cannot wait for the day that BTS and ARMY will come together more mature and grown up, allowing them to reflect and grow together with their music.

When that happens, we anticipate something will bring us closer to ARMY, and we’re really looking forward to the performances we’ll be able to show you then. I think it’s going to be a really good concert. I’ll be waiting until that day.

⁠— Jimin

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In terms of “becoming better” with ARMYs, he believes that things are changing little by little and that a day will come when they can share each other’s feelings.

Right. I think it’s changing little by little, for real. We used to be like, This is how we feel, this is what our songs are like, this is what we’re performing. But as the scale of our concerts grew and we started playing stadiums, I think we starting asking, What do all of you think?

I can’t really say deeply what’s happening in the lives of each person at our concerts, but I think we’re still looking into each other’s eyes and talking, even while we’re shouting at each other. There will come a day in the future when we can someday share each other’s feelings more and more, and we can freely tell them that what we are doing together is a performance.

⁠— Jimin

ARMYs know just how much effort Jimin puts into everything that he does!

Source: Weverse