BTS’s Jimin Fell Out Of A Chair And Dragged Jungkook Down With Him

Chair won another battle against Jimin in “Run BTS!”.

BTS‘s Jimin proved, once again, that chairs are his greatest enemies…and Jungkook‘s too!

“Jimin vs Chairs” is a never-ending saga. It began in 2013…

…and still continues to this day.

Jimin can leap gracefully across a stage, but can he sit? Absolutely not.

Jimin’s chair saga continued in Episode 89 of Run BTS!. While playing a “Gayo” song-guessing game, Jimin laughed so hard…

…that he wiped out!

The best part? When Jungkook tried to help Jimin up, he fell too!

Jin‘s reaction says it all!


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