BTS Jimin Fell In Love With This Cat And It’s Shattering Everyone’s Heart

Jimin had a moment with a cat during their Summer Package teaser trailer and fans just can’t handle it.

Fans like @wavyfoxtrot decided to dedicate fan art to the iconic moment.

Although the moment was very brief, it’s gone viral among ARMYs. Some fans, like @malizimayo, took a realistic approach at recreating the moment.

While others, like @I0MA_96 decided to take a more cartoon-spin on the scene.

Meanwhile, @milkahetalia literally drew Jimin as a catboy playing with the little cat. 

As @mangokappu explained, just about everyone is turning the moment into fan art!

Fans like @jaunini even went the extra mile to depict how Jimin played with the cat off screen!

Needless to say, Jimin’s loving moment with the little cat has been forever immortalized!