Front Or Back: BTS’s “Boy With Luv” Is Making Fans Doubt Their Own Eyes

“Front or back” has become the BTS version of the “blue or gold dress” challenge.

BTS‘s new video teaser comes with a mystery that has everybody asking: front or back?


On April 7, BTS released a teaser for an upcoming song and music video entitled “Boy With Luv”. The song and music video will feature popular American singer Halsey.


At the end of the video, BTS strike the iconic ending pose from their 2014 music video “Boy In Luv”.


At first glance, nothing seems out of place here, but eagle-eyed fans have noticed something odd about Jimin.


Unlike the rest of his members, Jimin appears to turn towards the camera, yet he somehow still ends up facing away from the camera. This is physically impossible, but some suspect it could be the work of skillful editing.


“#FrontOrBack” has now become ARMY‘s version of the viral “gold or blue dress” challenge that made the whole world doubt their eyes. Fans are in hot debate…


…but nobody seems to be able to agree on an answer!


Unless Big Hit Entertainment explains this sorcery, this mystery may remain unsolved!


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