BTS’s Jimin Gives Fans Meaningful Advice On How To “Love Yourself”

They are wise words to follow!

BTS recently released behind the scenes footage from their LOVE MYSELF Campaign Special Announcement video.

During the video, Jimin gave their fans, ARMY, some words of wisdom on how to follow the philosophy of learning to “Love Yourself.”

One of the first pieces of advice Jimin gave was about being genuine and not covering your feelings.

Genuine laughter is so much better than forcing a smile or frowning.

— Jimin

As always, Jimin managed to find the most heartwarming ways of encouraging ARMY. Even if they didn’t always seem like the most complicated pieces of advice, they are easy to forget!


The campaign has been running for over three years and, along with their album LOVE YOURSELF series, became an anthem that positively impacts the way many fans see themselves.

Hopefully, K-Pop fans can find comfort with Jimin’s words of wisdom that everyone should follow!

You can watch the whole video below.