BTS’s Jimin Got Caught Staring Straight At His Fans Because His Car Windows Weren’t Tinted

Jimin can’t get any more adorable than this.

A video of BTS‘s Jimin going home after performing at the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert at the Rose Bowl Stadium in LA was shared by a fan, and it just goes to prove how much Jimin loves his fans.

Following the epic concert, Jimin headed home in a car, and the final moment before he took off was captured on camera.

In the shared video, Jimin can be seen staring at fans with his eyes wide and his jaw dropped.

His facial expression was so honest that fans are wondering if he wasn’t aware that the windows of his car weren’t tinted.

Whether Jimin knew about it or not, Jimin’s honest love for fans was captured on camera, and it received very favorable responses from fans.

Those who watched the video responded with comments such as “He’s so cute“, “Even the situation is helping Jimin be cute“, and “I can’t believe how cute he is“.

Check out the full footage below:


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