Jimin’s And Halsey’s Hug At The BBMAs Has Us Crying Happy Tears

Jimin and Halsey shared a sweet friendship moment at the BBMAs.

A sweet moment between BTS‘s Jimin and Halsey is warming ARMYs’ hearts.


On May 1, BTS and Halsey performed their collaboration, “Boy With Luv” at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs). This was the first time Halsey performed a synchronized choreography on stage, and it was also the first time she and BTS performed together live.


From beginning to end, BTS and Halsey slayed the stage with their energy, talent, and fantastic dance moves. There wasn’t a dull moment!


The BBMAs’ official camera cut away from the group after they struck their ending poses, but luckily a few fancams captured what happened next.


Once they were given the “okay”, BTS and Halsey broke formation and congratulated each other on a show well done. Halsey and Jungkook patted each other on the back…


…then Jimin welcomed Halsey into his arms for the world’s sweetest hug. They say actions speak louder than words, they couldn’t be more right.  Nothing says “true friendship” like this!


After hugging Jimin, Halsey also hugged and J-Hope before the curtain fell.


Fans can’t get over these BTS x Halsey moments…


…and we’re all hoping to see much more in the future!


Check out the full fancam here: