BTS Jimin Has Stolen The Heart Of Up10tion’s Wooshin

Up10tion often mentions their admiration for many senior groups, such as SEVENTEEN, BEAST, Block B and EXO. However, Wooshin really stood out due to his love of BTS in particular.

The members of Up10tion are the masters of cute dance covers. They always show a lot of happiness and appreciation for other groups. On Music Core, they performed a boy group medley to compliment SEVENTEEN’s girl group medley in April 2016.

During a fan meetup, the whole group covered BTS’s “War on Hormones.” Wooshin looked extra adorable in a large orange sweater and sprout clip. He performed the moves with a lot of aegyo which was exaggerated by its contrast to the strong aura of the original song.

While the whole group respects BTS, no other member can match the level of love Wooshin has for them. He’s never been very shy about his fanboying, adamantly shouting his affections at any chance he gets.

When asked via Twitter who he enjoys listening to, Wooshin exclaimed that he enjoys BTS’s “Nevermind.” Quickly the comments filled with fans praising his music taste and cooing at how cute it is that he likes BTS.

He has stated before that his favorite member is Park Jimin and since then fans have encouraged his inner fanboy. One fan, in particular, gave him a signed photo of Jimin in which Wooshin delightedly responded by asking for advice on where to keep it.

Up10tion recently came back with their 5th mini-album Burst. The title song “White Night” featured a race for the affections of Jeon Somi.