BTS’s Jimin Helping Out NCT’s Doyoung Will Make You Soft

Jimin looks out for their juniors whenever he can.

During an airing of Mnet‘s M COUNTDOWN, NCT 127‘s Doyoung and Haechan were the featured pair of idol hosts. With BTS promoting “FAKE LOVE” at the time, the two groups crossed paths and caused an interaction between Jimin and Doyoung that hit fans right in the feels.

| do0_nct/Instagram

In the middle of a talk segment, Haechan smoothly read his script while Doyoung supported him. At one point, the two were supposed to read a line together. There was one problem: Doyoung didn’t have a microphone. That’s when Jimin swooped in.

Since Jimin had been standing next to Doyoung, he quickly passed his junior a microphone. Even though Doyoung had been surprised, he politely accepted it just in time to say the last line with Haechan.

Although the moment was a brief one, it was sweet to see Jimin lend a helping hand to Doyoung. Whenever there’s a chance, Jimin is always looking out for their juniors.

Check out the caring and adorable moment between Doyoung and Jimin here.