BTS’s Jimin Hilariously Mistook A Chair For Jin

He had a good reason, though 😂

When it comes to BTS‘s Jimin and chairs, something funny is always destined to happen. This time, the idol mistook one for Jin but for an understandable reason.

Jin and Jimin.

As soon as Jimin put on a headset and stepped into virtual reality, he was immediately impressed by the graphics. In fact, he was so impressed that it caused a hilarious mishap.

Jimin was so into the game that he swung his hands and accidentally hit Jin who’d been standing nearby.

Jin sank to the floor in pain, instantly worrying Jimin. Jimin did his best to help and caused yet another hilarious scene.

When trying to follow Jin’s voice and ask him if he was seriously injured, Jimin grabbed onto a chair and asked it, “Are you okay?” Although that made the situation funnier, Jimin ended up finding the real him.

After letting go of the chair, Jimin realized Jin was in the other direction. He said, “Sorry, bro. You are here?

Chair: 1. Jimin: 0. With a chair AND a VR headset, Jimin caused yet another funny scene.