Jimin Ignored Jungkook’s “Heart” And Jungkook’s Reaction Was Priceless

Who can refuse the Golden Maknae’s golden heart? Answer: Jimin.

When the Golden Maknae shows his heart, ARMYs sit up and pay attention. Jimin, on the other hand, has better things to do!


Jungkook and Jimin have an incredible friendship that fluctuates between sincerity and hilarity. They love to tease each other, whether it’s on stage…


…at fan meetings, or behind the scenes.


On July 17, BangtanTV uploaded a new “Bangtan Bomb”, starring Jungkook. While brushing his teeth, Jungkook shaped his fringe into a heart.


When Jimin walked by, Jungkook repeatedly said “heart” with a mouth full of toothpaste, trying to get his attention.


When Jimin finally looked at Jungkook’s heart, he smiled a cool smile, then walked away.


That’s not the reaction Jungkook wanted, and it shows!


See the video here: