BTS’s Jimin Wore This Hilariously Inappropriate Shirt In New York

This Russian shirt slipped right under his stylists’ radar.

BTS‘s Jimin recently wore a shirt that is totally at odds with his sweet personality.


While in New York, BTS attended several radio interviews, including iHeartRadio‘s BTS LIVE Q&A Event. There they answered questions about their new album, working with Halsey, and more.


Fans were quick to notice a hilarious detail that may have escaped the stylists’ attention. Jimin wore a black shirt with Russian text printed on the front.


It says: “иди” (go) “на” (to) “хуй” (di*k), or “go sit on a di*k”. It’s basically the Russian equivalent to “go f**k yourself”.


This isn’t the first time Jimin has unwittingly worn a shirt with wildly inappropriate foreign text…


…but it is the first time it’s happened in Russian! The meaning may have been pointed out to Jimin at some point because fans noticed that he seemed to be hiding the text in several photos.



He may have even turned it around!