BTS’s Jimin And J-Hope Once Dissed Suga…When He Wasn’t Even Present

The BTS members are the kings of dissing each other.

The BTS members sure do love dissing each other, as there have been many moments when they were savages to each other.

One time, Jimin and J-Hope playfully dissed Suga, even though he wasn’t physically present.

When the music video for “Dope” came out, Jimin and J-Hope decided to react to it. When the video began, the two were amazed but stated the guy with blonde hair (Suga) caught their attention.

When Suga’s solo scene came on, Jimin decided to get playful and teased Suga a bit.

When the chorus started, both of them started laughing, watching Suga dance.

Whenever Suga appeared, J-Hope and Jimin couldn’t contain their laughter.

Once the music video ended, both of them gave praise to all the members, but Jimin decided to tease Suga one last time.

Here’s the full video below!