BTS Jimin Gave Jin The Best Birthday Present Ever, And It Didn’t Cost A Thing

The best things in life are free.

BTS‘s Jin celebrated another year in the life of Worldwide Handsome by live streaming with ARMY. Little did he know that Jimin had prepared a surprise gift to give him during the broadcast.


On December 4, millions of ARMYs tuned in to watch Jin’s birthday broadcast. It began with a shot of Jin’s cake, which featured a photo of him wearing stylish, white-rimmed sunglasses.


When the camera panned out, viewers could see the same humorous photo taped up all around Jin. This tribute couldn’t have been more perfect for BTS’s resident comedian!


There’s nothing Jin loves more than a good joke, so when Jimin walked into the room wearing a ribbon on his head, Jin loved it just as much as ARMY did.


When Jimin “presented” himself as Jin’s birthday gift, Jin asked him how he was supposed to open him. Then he proceeded to tug Jimin’s wrapping – aka his hair!


Now this precious present is all ARMYs are talking about.


It’s true what they say; the best gifts in life are free!