Jimin Literally Sprinted over to Jin When He Fell and Hurt His Knee

Jimin truly has a heart of gold.

On February 16, BTS performed at Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome for their ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ tour.

On this day, BTS graced their fans with fan service as a thank you for their overwhelming support, one of which included Jin being lifted and spun around by the other members.

Jin trusted fellow members V and Jungkook with his body, but he still couldn’t help but lose his balance and fall on his knees. This could have been a dangerous situation, but he was thankfully okay and let his fans know.

What caught the fans’ attention was Jimin‘s reaction to Jin’s fall. As soon as Jin fell, Jimin sprinted over to Jin with a worried expression on his face.

Even after Jin assured everyone that he was okay, Jimin stayed by his side and double-checked that he was really okay.

This heartwarming scene was captured by a fan’s camera, and it received overwhelming attention once it was uploaded to social media.

Watch Jimin’s sweet and caring reaction to Jin’s fall in the link below: