BTS’s Jimin Wanted To Pester Jin, But Jin Wasn’t Having It

Jin handled this situation like any older brother would.

BTS‘s Jin adores his members, but sometimes their love can be just too much!


In Episode 83 of Run BTS!, BTS split up into two teams to play water volleyball. Between rounds, the members splashed and played around in the pool.


The “Behind the Scene” captures a hilarious moment that anybody with siblings can relate to. When Jimin started to playfully harass Jin, Jin shouted in frustration and tried to swim away.


Jimin probably should have quit while he was ahead. He kept being clingy, so Jin turned around and…


….yeeted him into the water!


Jin looked thoroughly pleased with himself, but even in prank-mode, he takes care of his members. He looked back at poor Mochi, to make sure he hadn’t drowned him!


Next time, Jimin may want to think twice before bothering his hyung!