Jimin Wiped Jungkook’s Tears Away At BTS’s Final Speak Yourself Concert

When Jungkook broke down on stage, Jimin was there to comfort him.

Everybody needs a loving friend like Jimin in their life!


October 29 is an emotional day for BTS and ARMY. It’s the day Speak Yourself [The Final], BTS’s 3-day Seoul concert, concluded. It marks the ending of their world stadium tour and the Love Yourself era.


Throughout the show, BTS and ARMY shed tears of joy, sadness, and love. Jungkook, in particular, became overwhelmed with emotion during “Mikrokosmos”.


When Jimin saw this, he pulled Jungkook into a back hug…


…and gently rocked him across the stage.


Jungkook’s tears wouldn’t stop falling…


…so, after the hug, Jimin went back over to Jungkook and wiped them all away.


Like an angel, Jimin is always there to bring comfort and kindness to the people he loves.