MMA Made Official “Hard Edits” Of BTS’s Jimin And Jungkook

Here’s video “evidence” that MMA probably has ARMYs on staff.

Are there naughty ARMYs on staff at kakao M? This video “evidence” says ‘yes’!

Before we begin, first thing’s first. For those who don’t know, “soft edits” are short, fluffy fan videos that focus on idols’ cute sides.

“Hard edits”, on the other hand, are all about the sexiness. Be warned! Many of these videos aren’t for the faint of heart! Viewer discretion is advised. Now, moving on…

At kakao M’s 2019 Melon Music AwardsBTS captivated viewers with one of their most breathtaking stages ever. BTS’s members transformed from schoolboy rookies to Greek gods as they performed a medley of their greatest hits.

In the month leading up to 2019 MMA, the award show’s official Twitter posted teaser videos, including these unexpected hard edits of Jungkook

…and Jimin!

The tweet captions are just as over the top as the videos are. This one says, “This time it’s sexy!! A rabbit-like face with a burning sexy desire. This is the class for world-class golden maknae.” 

The caption for Jimin’s video says, “They have passed their baby stages and have built up a whole lot of sexy throughout the years. They have completed sexiness after 6 years. (they are still continuing today).”

Will MMA post more hard edits in 2020? Only time will tell!