RM And Jungkook Won’t Let Jimin Live Down This Embarrassing Moment

They found the perfect opportunity to bring this up.

Jungkook always looks for opportunities to tease Jimin, and when he found one during a broadcast, RM couldn’t help joining in!


On April 13, BTS aired their comeback special, BTS 꿀FM 06.13 : Comeback Special. During the show, the members discussed MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona.


At one point, each member talked about his favorite track. Jimin’s favorite is “Boy With Luv”. Fans have nicknamed this song “a poem for Jimin” because it’s a “poem for small things”.


Jungkook immediately brought up another small thing: the “small, shining pepper” from the conception dream Jimin’s mother had. In Korea, a pepper can be a euphemism for a man’s…well, you know.


When Jimin talked about this dream on air, he ended up getting completely embarrassed. The show’s host pointed out that Jimin had left out the “small” part, and BTS burst out laughing!


That was years ago, but BTS haven’t forgotten it! As soon as Jungkook brought up the dream, Jimin got embarrassed all over again. Rather than changing the subject, RM said that Jimin’s hair was the same color as a pepper!


Jimin put an end to things before they got out of hand, but we’re all still laughing!