Jimin Says He’s Trying To Change This Bad Habit, But BTS Isn’t Buying It

Jimin’s members don’t seem too convinced that he’ll be changing his ways any time soon.

Everybody has bad habits, even BTS‘s Jimin, but people can change. Right?


In a new interview with TIME, BTS answered fun questions about their dance moves, habits, and more. When the interviewer asked who takes the most time to get ready in the morning, BTS immediately started sighing and clearing their throats because they knew which name everyone would write down!


Since Jimin is chronically late, he is always the answer to this question. This time though, Jimin tried to sway the jury. He urged his members to only take his recent behavior into consideration, but Suga shot the idea down!


Despite Jimin’s pleas, the answer was still unanimous.


Jimin sweetly apologized for being late. He said that he’s trying to change this habit, but it doesn’t look like his members think it’ll happen overnight!


“There’s an old saying,” RM said. “When we say ‘I Jimin today’, that means we’re late.”

Jimin: You Jimin today. 

RM: I’ll Jimin tomorrow.

Jimin: Okay…


Jimin might be the late one, but he’s not the only member with a “bad” habit. Check out how Jimin feels about RM’s shower singing here.

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