BTS Made Jimin The Leader For Less Than A Minute, And It Went Straight To His Head

He had to make the most of his time 😂

At the mention of where the group would be twenty years in the future, BTS couldn’t say for sure where they’d be. There was one thing they could agree on: they’d be together. They even suggested that Jimin could be the leader and gave it a hilarious test run.

Twenty years down the line, Jimin voiced his desire for them to still live together, “I’ve said before, that twenty years later, we should still live in our dormitory.Suga wanted to pass that responsibility onto him, “Then, Jimin can be the leader.

RM wasn’t against the arrangement one bit. He stood up and offered to change seats with Jimin right then and there. “Okay! Please sit.Jin was curious about it as well, “Leader change.

As soon as the switch was complete, Jimin squared his shoulders in confidence and made his first announcement as the leader. “[I’m] ordering you as the leader. If I’m telling you to do it, you should!” RM was ready to join in the fun.

He joked that Jimin was acting like a bossy elder rather than a leader, “Isn’t that just being a ggondae?”

Even V was amused, “We’re in trouble now.” While he had the floor, Jimin announced his ultimate goal for the group. “As leader, my goal is to make BTS the top of the world. That’s my goal. Just trust and follow me!

If Jimin was confident before getting a taste of authority, he reacted just as hilariously as everyone expected him to. Still, he had BTS’s best interests at heart—for the brief time he had the title.

Have a laugh at Jimin getting the best out of his leadership role and cracking up his members along the way.