BTS’s Jimin Learns The Popular YouTuber Pose And Uses It Whenever He Can

Can we say future YouTuber?

BTS’s Jin, Jimin, and RM recently held a live stream as they ate salad while communicating with fans.

Throughout the broadcast, Jimin was very eager to show fans the food they were eating as he continued to use the popular YouTuber pose of putting his hand behind the items so that it could focus clearer on camera.

Jin, who sees Jimin constantly doing this pose, asks what he’s doing.

Jin: What is this? Energy Ki? (Dragonball Z reference)
Jimin: It’s to focus the camera.

Throughout the mukbang, Jimin puts in a lot of effort to show the food.


He doesn’t forget to focus in on the egg!

All three members end up doing the pose together to join forces and bring focus to the camera!

Jimin, who is good at using what he’s learned, seems to have caught on with the YouTube pose, using it whenever he has the opportunity!

From ramyun noodles…

…to stickers…

…to even phones!

| Samsung US/YouTube

Who wants to see Jimin start a YouTube channel because we are so ready!

Source: theqoo and theqoo