BTS’s Jimin Left Behind A Touching, Surprise Gift On His Flight to Los Angeles

So sweet and thoughtful!

A flight attendant shared their experience of being on the same flight as BTS.

The flight attendant who made the post wrote that their chief manager was also an A.R.M.Y, and when they were on the same flight on New Year’s Day,2019, they talked a lot about BTS during the flight.

During a flight on New Year’s Day, my chief manager and I talked a lot about BTS, because the chief manager is also an ARMY. We’re both fans of Jimin.

— Flight attendant

The flight attendant explained how BTS is a frequent user of their airline for international schedules.

BTS frequently uses our airline for international schedules, so my colleagues who are also A.R.M.Ys always hope to be on the same flight as BTS.

— Flight attendant

During the New Year’s Day flight, the chief manager told the flight attendant a recount of the time she was on a flight to Los Angeles with BTS.

[The chief manager told me] One time they were placed on the same flight as BTS.

Jimin was reading a book the entire flight, and he tidied up the pillow and blanket before he left.

— Flight attendant

But Jimin’s kindness didn’t end there!

Flight attendants aren’t allowed to do things like asking for an autograph so they [chief manager] couldn’t ask Jimin, but Jimin realized they were his fan and left an autograph on his seat for them.

— Flight attendant

Fans are speculating this happened on BTS’s flight to LA for their LOVE YOURSELF World Tour in January 2019.

What a sweet and thoughtful gesture from Jimin! It’s no wonder he’s loved by so many people!