BTS’s Jimin Left The Whole Fandom Shook With Just One Mic Flip

Bring it on!

BTS had prepared some next-level stages for the 2020 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) from renting out whole stadiums to using top-notch technology.

But all this fanciness aside, member Jimin was able to make fans go crazy with just one flip of his microphone.

For their “Dynamite” performance, Jimin skillfully flipped his mic, giving this legendary stage an upgrade.

Of course this is nothing new to fans as Jimin has been known to be the king of mic flips.

Jimin’s mic flip is so well known that even other celebrities have backed down on having a mic flip duel with him. One fan left a comment on Liam Payne‘s Twitter asking for a duel but…

…he backed out right away!

Of course all this didn’t happen without any effort or practice! Jimin previously revealed that he had a tough time even holding the mic after debut due to his small hands.

But look at him now, he’s not only flipping mics but also batons!