Everyone Is Falling For This BTS Jimin Lookalike And His Amazing Dance Skills

They’ve got to be related, right?

Covering songs by BTS, EXO, and Wanna One, hip-hop dancer Feng Yi Lu has become a social media sensation! His moves have earned him more than 63,000 YouTube subscribers as well as over 289,000 Instagram followers.


While his moves are pure grace and so addicting to watch…


There’s another reason why people have been falling for him. The ’98 liner dancer looks a lot like BTS’s Jimin!


Since he covers a lot of BTS songs, there are a lot of moments when fans suddenly find themselves doing double takes.


His moves combined with his looks have left many fans speechless.


Which might be why one of his most viewed videos on YouTube is a cover of “Serendipity”.


The video went viral on the site and has close to a million views while many of the commenters expressed their shock that Feng Yi Lu isn’t really Jimin!


And it isn’t hard to see why!


But Feng Yi Lu isn’t just known for his striking visuals. He’s gained a ton of fans thanks to his amazing covers of groups like iKON




And Sunmi.


His dance skills are truly exceptional!


And those visuals are equally as amazing.


Check out his viral video and see why everyone is convinced he’s Jimin’s secret twin!