BTS’s Jimin Looks Gorgeous In Green For Live Broadcast, ARMYs Are Swooning

He melted ARMY hearts again!

BTS‘s Jimin blessed ARMYs yet again with another up close and personal live broadcast session!


Throughout the 40+ minutes of video, fans got to hear Jimin talk about his favorite foods, his favorite performances, and more.


And while doing so, they also got to UWU at Jimin’s green and gorgeous sweater weather fashion!


Jimin was spotted wearing a hunter green knitted sweater. Under the yellow-ish studio light, Jimin looked super soft and cozy!


When ARMYs complimented him on his cute outfit, Jimin shared that he wore it for the first time for the broadcast.

It’s a relatively new sweater. I haven’t worn it in a while… actually, it’s the first time I’m wearing it. It’s a really comfortable top, so I thought I’d wear it here.

— Jimin


Jimin looked extra relaxed, which made ARMYs so completely happy to see!