BTS’ Jimin Looks Like An Angel In HIs Over-Sized Sweater

BTS‘s Jimin was so adorable in a cozy winter look that fans still can’t stop talking about how handsome he is!

Jimin’s recent boyfriend style left fans in awe as he appeared in an adorable oversized sweater on stage. His cozy winter look drove fans crazy as Jimin looked flawless in the usually feminine outfit leaving fans in awe of his outstanding looks.

Jimin’s flawless looks were not only admired by fans but fellow idols even left EXO‘s Chanyeol flustered! It seems no one can resist Jimin’s charms!

Take a look at his adorable sweater look below.

Jimin looked like the perfect boyfriend on stage.
Fans couldn’t help but admire Jimin’s delicate yet manly on stage.
Jimin perfect side profile is admired by fans and idols alike.
Jimin perfect body proportions are still obvious even in an oversized sweater.
Fans immediately loved Jimin’s softer concept look.
Jimin’s brown sweater complements his lighter hairstyle perfectly.
Jimin looked irresistible in his cozy boyfriend style. Fans can’t get enough of his fashion sense.
Jimin’s light hair and light blue contacts looked sticking as he glances perfectly towards fans.