BTS’s Jimin Looks Nothing Short Of Ethereal In New HD Solo Stage Photos

He just shines on stage!

As part of his ongoing promotions for his new album, FACEBTS‘s Jimin has been appearing on various music shows to perform “Set Me Free Pt.2” and “Like Crazy”. One of his most recent stages was for Inkigayo, and unsurprisingly for the talented idol, he did an incredible job!

For “Set Me Free Pt.2”, an all-black outfit was paired with a dark and moody stage to give an intense aesthetic for the song.

Here are some recently released HD images from this performance that really capture the kind of artistry that Jimin is known for!

Jimin (BTS)

His intense facial expressions seem to come easily to Jimin, making for a seamless performance that viewers can get totally captivated by.

Though we love seeing BTS’s members perform together, it’s still a treat to see Jimin fully express himself in his own way with his personal music project!

For “Like Crazy”, Jimin swapped out of his dark outfit for a white-and-black one with a mesh undershirt, making him stand out amidst the grays of his backup dancers.

The sort of moody aesthetic was still present for this performance, perfectly suiting the emotional style of the title track.

This style of music and dance definitely suits Jimin incredibly well, and he just seems to thrive on stage like the incredible performer that he is.

And when his smile shines through, it’s enough to make even the strongest ARMY feel weak on their knees!

Thank you, Jimin, for giving us such beautiful and emotionally charged performances to enjoy!


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