BTS’s Jimin Made #ComeBackJimin Trend On Twitter With A Playful End To His Broadcast

Here’s why everyone is asking for Jimin to return.

At the end of a blissful 40-minute live broadcast, BTS‘s Jimin decided to tease his fans by abruptly ending the stream. ARMYs, who were completely caught off guard, trended #ComeBackJimin (#지민돌아와) on Twitter — with their feet in their mouths.


Toward the end of the broadcast, Jimin had begun looking up remedies for various health issues. Reason being, ARMYs started to comment that they were battling different symptoms. When he came across a fan whose heart was causing trouble…


… Jimin tried to read off the internet some precautions to take for heart diseases.

So if your hearts are causing problems, you shouldn’t… Oh this is classic. You should not drink. No coffee either… and you need to get good quality sleep…

— Jimin


Once he ran into more medical aspects of “How To Keep A Healthy Heart 101”, Jimin gave up and opted to tell ARMYs to always try squeezing in a good night’s sleep.

If your heart is weak, please be sure to sleep well!

— Jimin


Soon, ARMYs had playfully commented that Jimin was making their hearts skip beats and posing as a “health hazard”, by leaving them sleepless with his perfect visual.

What, it’s my fault…? In that case…

— Jimin


In response, Jimin also playfully called himself “The cause of all sickness” and said he would excuse himself so the world can sleep in peace.

I’ll get going now… Bye everyone!

— Jimin


ARMYs, who thought Jimin was kidding when he said goodbye, were thrown into full panic mode when he actually ended the broadcast. Having “shoo-ed away” Jimin by calling him a health hazard, ARMYs cried in deep, deep regret and began asking for Jimin to come back…

Jimin, I will never ever be sick again, please come back.


This is ARMY when Jimin really turned the live off.



… but alas, it was too late. All they had left was this cheeky smile from Jimin right before he disappeared!


What have ARMYs learned from this live broadcast?

[Today’s Lesson] Do not play jokes on Jimin-cat without thinking.