Jimin Has A Magical “Desert Wind Fairy” Moment At BTS’s Saudi Arabia Concert

Even the breeze works in his favor.

At BTS‘s concert in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Jimin boasted his peak visual after well resting during the month vacation.


While performing the hit song “Fake Love”, Jimin’s hair blew in the desert wind — and ARMYs have become so completely mesmerized by the “wind fairy” look.


Dressed in all black, Jimin already looked royal AF…


… but when that breeze of air tickled his sandy-colored hair…


… ARMYs couldn’t help but nickname him the “Desert Wind Fairy” — for that ethereal look!


Similarly, in a previous concert, V became the “God of Fire” with his flame bending skills.

BTS’s V Is Now The God Of Fire After He Was Seen Firebending On Stage


Looks like BTS members are on their way to each representing an element!


Watch Jimin’s magical “Wind Fairy” moment here: